Revival X The Terrof of Hell

Revival X meets every Sunday at 9:30am and Tuesday at 7pm. Fight! Strategic Intercession begins one hour before each service.


THE TERROR OF HELL is the message that has rocked my life the most powerfully, and it is sure to cause a tremble in your spirit as well.

This encounter with the forces of Hell and the resulting message is so critical for Christians to receive that I've made both the book and the audio message FREE. Absolutely free. It costs nothing, but, understand, living for Jesus costs everything.

"Many Christians will be shocked to find themselves in Hell one day."

That's what the Spirit of the Lord told me as I was coming out of the most traumatic, terrorizing encounter of my life. It shook me to my core, and it has become my life message.

My most controversial belief isn't hard to understand once it's unpacked, which is done in the message and in the book. However, I fully understand how provocative it can be the first time someone hears it. The number is arbitrary, but it's used to drive home a point:

"I give my self about an 80 percent chance of making Heaven."

I'm burning on fire for Jesus. Holiness and repentance drive my life. The cross and resurrection of Jesus conquered death, Hell and the grave. If I died today, I'm confident I'd be with Jesus forever.

However, there will be a great falling away and I'd be prideful indeed if I presumed that I was exempt from the risk. I am not.

Read the book and definitely listen to the message. Everything will make sense and you will be sure to hit your knees and pursue Jesus with greater intensity than ever in your life.

John Burton
John Burton


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