Revival X

Watch as John and Amy share the vision of Revival X.

Listen to a fun and powerful vision casting message that answers the question, "How is a revival church different than a typical church?"



A simple gathering of people who love to pray, contend for the Holy Spirit to move and believe in the truth of Scripture. 

Honestly, there is little complexity to the vision. We want God and we endeavor to respond to him as he draws and leads during these critical end times.


Keep in mind we are a prophetic prayer and equipping hub, an intercession-driven training center. We typically host a small group of fiery people who are ready to go deep and grow fast.

Be prepared for something that is definitely not "church as usual" as we contend in intercession and train in the prophetic, prayer, revival, fulfilling your calling, deliverance and other similar topics.

Our times together are marked by passionate intercession, praying in the Spirit, decrees of Scripture, strategic teaching and a prophetic atmosphere.

There may or may not be a worship leader. We may or may not preach long messages. There may or may not be a large crowd. We will always advance together in prayer. We highly value the Word of God and will declare its truth with faith and expectancy.

If you have kids, they will enjoy the atmosphere with you.

Simply, when we meet together, it's prophetic and unscripted, yet in an environment of great zeal and expectancy.

As a training and prayer center, we understand the atmosphere may not be familiar to some. However, our passion is to host the Holy Spirit, go deep in Jesus, prepare for revival and equip people in the region.



Revival X is located north of Branson at the corner of US 65 and 160, across from the large, white cross that can be seen from quite a distance away. The building is on the west side of 65 on the frontage road, directly next to a Phillips 66 station.

Revival X is approximately ten minutes away from Branson, 15 minutes from Ozark and nearby other areas like Forsyth, Reeds Spring, Nixa, Hollister and Harrison, Arkansas.


Amy Burton John BurtonJohn and Amy Burton are the founders. John is wired prophetically and apostolically and has a bunch of vision for revival. Amy functions pastorally and has a heart for wholeness in those she ministers to.

They have been in ministry for over 25 years, planted some churches, initiated prayer movements and written some books, but their current focus is simple: seeing a remnant people come alive in Jesus. 

John also travels and speaks at conferences and churches. You can learn more about him on his ministry site: 


Lots of stuff!

Theologically, we are a non-denominational, Spirit-filled ministry that desires to see Jesus glorified and mankind reached.

It might be easier to let you know who we affirm and value.

We have been blessed by ministries and ministers such as The Interntional House of Prayer in Kansas City, John Kilpatrick, Leonard Ravenhill, Fresh Start Church, Isaiah Saldivar, Mario Marillo and many others.

For a specific list of our beliefs, go HERE.


Revival X is a part of the regional and global church and functions primarily in intercession and the pursuit of revival in the context of the end-time season we are currently in. 

While some may certainly consider Revival X their home church, others may notice that we are a little different than a typical church.

Simply, we are focused on equipping in prayer and revival and in developing relationships with others hungry for a move of God.