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New to Revival X (or just want to learn more about our vision)? Read an online version of our welcome magazine HERE.


Discuss revival, the prophetic, dreams, visions, receive equipping and more! Connect HERE. IT'S FREE!


THE TERROR OF HELL is the message that has rocked my life the most powerfully, and it is sure to cause a tremble in your spirit as well.

This encounter with the forces of Hell and the resulting message is so critical for Christians to receive that I've made both the book and the audio message FREE. Absolutely free. It costs nothing, but, understand, living for Jesus costs everything.

"Many Christians will be shocked to find themselves in Hell one day."


John Burton // Team Lead // Revival X

John Burton

Revival X Media


Our Sunday and Tuesday messages are uploaded weekly and are available in video and audio formats.

Messages are prophetic, intense, humorous and shocking to the dead, religious culture of this generation.

If you are ready to get wrecked by the Spirit of God as you go deep in the Word, GO HERE to watch or listen to the most recent teachings or any from our large and growing archive.

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Revival X Prayer & Equipping Hub meets just north of Branson every Sunday at 9:30am and Tuesday at 7pm.

4910 US HWY 65
Walnut Shade, Missouri 65771

Revival X is located north of Branson at the corner of US 65 and 160, across from the large, white cross that can be seen from quite a distance away. The building is on the west side of 65 on the frontage road, directly next to a Phillips 66 station.

Revival X is approximately ten minutes away from Branson, 15 minutes from Ozark and nearby other areas like Forsyth, Reeds Spring, Nixa, Hollister and Harrison, Arkansas.

Don't live near Branson?
Watch livestreams and teaching videos throughout the week.

Revival X


Revival X exists to gather forerunners who are united in the mandate to initiate reformation in the church and revival in the region. As carriers of the fire of God, we are single-minded in our mission to rally a generation that will embrace the cross of Christ, pursue radical holiness, engage in fervent prayer, live a life of repentance and experience both the freedom and the fear of the Lord.

John & Amy share the Revival X vision.

Learn more about The School of Revival.

Revival X


While we love a good revival meeting, and will be involved in many as the ministry progresses (hey, how about a good old fashioned tent revival some day!), Revival X is a prayer and equipping hub for the region. We are currently focused on developing a culture that can help facilitate legitimate revival on a city level.

If you are hungry for revival and are ready to get trained in intercession, the prophetic, revival and other key end-time topics, Revival X would be a great fit for you and your friends/family!


Revival X is a part of the regional and global church and functions primarily in intercession and the pursuit of revival in the context of the end-time season we are currently in. 

While some will certainly consider Revival X their home church, others may notice that we are a little different than a typical church that we've all grown familiar with.

Simply, we are focused on equipping in prayer and revival and in developing relationships with others hungry for a move of God.

As a regional prayer and equipping hub, our assignment is to prepare pastors, leaders, intercessors, revivalists and others in the region so they can light revival fires in their local church (should they have another church home.)

The result will be a full-blown outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will overtake churches, businesses, politics and every sphere of society in the Branson, Missouri region.


Keep in mind we are a prophetic prayer and equipping hub, an intercession-driven training center. We typically host a small group of fiery people who are ready to go deep and grow fast.

Be prepared for something that is definitely not "church as usual" as we contend in intercession and train in the prophetic, prayer, revival, fulfilling your calling, deliverance and other similar topics.

Our times together are marked by passionate intercession, praying in the Spirit, decrees of Scripture, strategic teaching and a prophetic atmosphere.

There may or may not be a worship leader. We may or may not preach long messages. There may or may not be a large crowd. We will always advance together in prayer. We highly value the Word of God and will declare its truth with faith and expectancy.

If you have kids, they will enjoy the atmosphere with you.

Simply, when we meet together, it's prophetic and unscripted, yet in an environment of great zeal and expectancy.

As a training and prayer center, we understand the atmosphere may not be familiar to some. However, our passion is to host the Holy Spirit, go deep in Jesus, prepare for revival and equip people in the region.

Listen: Nine ways a revival church is different than a typical church

Revival X




Branson is filled with hungry, passionate people who are ready to contend for authentic, fiery, Spirit-driven revival. 

They want a unpredictable, uncontrollable move of God that causes them to tremble, not a well-polished production of man.

Revival X is a simple gathering of hungry people readying themselves for the shock and awe of the glory of God.


Revival X


In a day where celebrity pastors and platform addictions are rampant, a nameless, faceless people are on the move. The X represents those who are more interested in God moving than in making a name for themselves. 

Revival X


As zealous people fervently pursue a move of the Holy Spirit, they are expecting the unexpected. The unknown has provoked a people to go deep and make themselves ready.

Revival X


Equipping in Kingdom principles will result in multiplication of influence, resources, finances and the favor of God. An environment of intense faith, fervent prayer and determined pursuit of the truths of Scripture bring exponential impact in our families and spheres of influence.

We can't wait to meet you.

Revival X is a simple gathering of normal people who are done with church as usual.

This is a raw gathering marked by passionate intercession, powerful declarations of the Word of God and providing an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to burn as hot as he wants.


Revival X
What To Expect
Revival X

A Formula For Fire


We are far from revival. I hear prophets and preachers talking about how near we are, and I just have to shake my head and wonder what exactly they are discerning. In terms of timing, can revival break out sooner than later? Sure. But in terms of distance, in terms of where we are now and were we must be as a church to see revival hit, we are far.

The church must experience a reformation that will shock it to its core. It's this shock and awe of God's supernatural invasion that will never let us do church as usual again, Spirit-filled or otherwise. Every goal will change. Board and staff meetings will never be the same. Strategies and how money is spent will morph over night. When God visits, nothing else matters. The result will be a church on fire that prays night and day with ferocity. 

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If you have questions about the ministry of Revival X, please contact us.


We look forward to connecting!

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